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Motorized Treadmill MT-6520

Rp9.950.000 Rp8.955.000

MT-6520 adalah treadmill electric multi fungsi dengan tampilan minimalis, namun terkesan mewah dan futuristic. Rangka bodynya tebal dan kokoh, serta dilapisi cat coating anti gores dengan nuansa hitam doff.

Alat ini dilengkapi dengan:

1. massager

2. twister

3. sit up


Spesifikasi :

Motor : 1 Hp
Speed : 0.8 – 12 km/h
3 Selection adjustable manual incline
Running belt size : 400 x 1200
With 1 LCD display windows with blue background
Computer functions : hand pulse, time, speed, distance, and calorie
Running board : MDF material with high density, high elasticity and high intensity
Wheels for easy transportation speaker for MP3 anti gores flat


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